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January 29 is National Puzzle Day

Jigsaw Puzzles: Food for the Mind, Heart, and Soul

Jigsaw puzzles are normally viewed as learning toys. They can also do wonders for one’s mood and mind!

What Educators Say

Jigsaw puzzles can be “food for the brain,” professionals believe. At various phases, they stimulate the learning process. Continuous play enhances a person’s inherent ability to reason, analyze, deduce, sequence, utilize logic, and solve problems. They also promote efficient coordination of the hands as well as the eyes.

Why They Help

Assembling jigsaw puzzles can be an enriching, fun activity. Completed puzzles can also provide a sense of gratification.

Another benefit is their strong appeal to kinesthetic learning. Kinesthetic learners are educated through activities including hands-on application. These typically involve simulation and on-the-spot problem-solving.

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