A Letter from Our Community

As we all know it is an election year for the Presidency, and that means we have been seeing it candidates advertisements everywhere. Every TV commercial break is quickly filled with advertisements, with sound bites to speak their message in 30 seconds. Unfortunately those commercials don’t give anyone the ability to have a fully informed understanding of who a candidate is. Whether on the Right or the Left, it is truly valuable right we all have to vote our opinions and vote for the candidate that most aligns with our view for America. That does not change for us in the long term care industry, and we take it very seriously for our residents to have accessibility to voting and to be able to participate in the process as much as possible. We are not alone, we were all happy to have Valerie Biden, to come to our facility. She spoke with every resident and took her time to share why she thought made Joe Biden the best candidate for President. It was a great afternoon, everyone had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns with her. Her visit was ended with a great speech from Valerie. We all appreciated her and the Biden campaign for coming in and helping us to establish a satellite caucus location for our residents. I would like to thank the Biden Campaign for coming to Granger and their devotion to supporting our residents to exercise their vote.

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